Home is not where the heart is

The heart is always fleeting 

So home is always fleeting 

Home is where you are now 

Where you find solace for now 

Where you can be the best version of you now

Home is what makes you feel most yourself

Exposed yet safe 

Displaced yet calm  

Breathe love bug

You are displaced but not lost 

You have love within you and around you 

You are not alone 

And everytime your soul is full and your heart is bursting with laughter and sunshine …

Remember that feeling. That is home.  



I’ve been searching for refuge I might as well have been scratching through dustbins overflowing with waste

I looked for it in in the walls of churches, in the words of friends, in the beds of lovers, in the pages of books, in the sun, in the moon, in the burnt earth, in my birth home. 

And there were times I convinced myself that I had found it 

There were times there was more calm than storm

There were times when my heart lay still. 

But that wasn’t refuge

It was comfort

And now 

My spirit is presented

With the single reality

That the only refuge 

That will ever hold true through time

Is within myself. 


Why can’t a flower be a flower

If it’s too beautiful it must be plucked

If it’s to shy, it will never be acknowledged 

If it has too many thorns it must be mutilated 

Why do we never leave the flower alone

Its life is short anyway 

Maybe it wants its petals to join in dance with the wind 

Maybe it just wants its leaves to be adorned by the morning dew 

Maybe it just wants to die, happily in the field 

Why can’t a flower 

just be a flower