You have been deteriorating

Before yourself 

That pain you couldn’t figure out before? 

That was your dreams being ripped out of your heart 

The suffocating consequence of concerning yourself with other people’s failures 

Surrounding yourself with small thinkers and small ideas and small men 

While all this time you have been a giant 

Squeezing yourself constantly into shrinking doors 

Until you started believing that’s where you belong 

Wake up 

Wake up child 

Stop wasting away 

And go do what you were meant to do



i don’t want to be right

i just want to be honest

lies keep evaporating my time

this home left me homeless


And i tried hiding

tried finding silence

swam the breadth of my heart


i almost drowned in it


and all these faces

they scare me sometimes

and i get sweaty palms

and forget all my lines


someone tells me

“stop picking at your finger

look, that one is bleeding

its not a lady like thing gal”


and this is maybe why

i’ve watched my phone ring

vibrating till it falls off the table…or dies

It’s just my way of dealing ma

with this anxiety thing