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Bet on yourself…

“Bet on yourself”

Inspiring words taken from Sophia Amoruso’s recent book, words that mirror the very core of what our brand stands for.
So many people and products always promise to be the solution to your problems, it seems the world is always encouraging us to look elsewhere if we want to succeed; a secret formula or a to-do list for happiness and success, and somehow the only thing these all need to really say is “the power is in You” – there, no need to buy another best-selling self-help book anymore.
Believing in yourself not only gives you the courage to tackle each day focused on what you want to achieve, but also keeps you grounded in your own strength. As a brand which is 4 5 seconds from launching (yes we just referenced that song) we have bet on ourselves, that we are going to inspire encourage…

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No more…


If there is one thing that everyone is good at, it’s making excuses. Sometimes I even find myself making excuses when I don’t need to! But I have come to realize that in life when you really want people to respect you and take you seriously, you just gotta put on your big girl panties and say, “yep, that was me, I f’d up”, even when you burned the food because you were watching Kerry Washington on Scandal and you don’t want your mother to think your absent minded…apologize for you lack of concentration and order take-out.

You see, what happens when you get used to making excuses is it almost becomes impossible to take responsibility for your actions because you are always blaming something or someone else. I was the queen of making excuses… naturally firstly because I am a middle child (another excuse I use all the time), my little brother always blamed me for things and I couldn’t blame my older sister so I started getting pretty creative with excuses from a young age. And that shit follows you, it becomes so hard to be direct and straight forward and next thing you know you are president of the Democratic Republic of “You’re Full of Shit”. Ok that was me being a tad dramatic but I guess my point is made.

I started respecting myself more when I took responsibility for my mistakes, that way you stop making so many mistakes. Otherwise if there is always a way out with the mischievous use of words and white lies, no one would own up to their actions. And with owning your actions comes a greater understanding of yourself and others. So next time you start a sentence with “you see the thing is…” stop, rewind and start again.