I’ve come to the conclusion that confusion may possibly be the most frustrating thing to feel. It’s like you know there is a mess somewhere In your house but you can’t seem to find it to clean it up… So everything just remains feeling so messy


Concentration Zero

I often wonder at what point I will wake up and be a proper adult. Which means actually paying attention once in a while a listening to people. I think once you are too comfortable in your own head it gets hard to sneak out into the real world lol. Well this has nothing to do with what i actually want to talk about. ITS FRIDAY and during my last lecture my head was really not in that lecture theatre. Nope, actually I have no idea where my head was because by the end of it I had this doodle which makes little to no sense -__-

it looks all cool ( well kinda) thanks to scanning it into photoshop
it looks all cool ( well kinda) thanks to scanning it into photoshop and repeating the image. I need to find something else to do with my time…

Well according to Wikipedia doodling is better than day dreaming since it uses more brain power… or something like that ( i got over reading the apparent history of doodling, yes i actually googled it). Anywho, I’m working at M.B Cape town fashion week tomorrow… woop woop! I’m actually gonna try take photos this time… if my phone isn’t a fail and dies on me. HAPPY WEEKEND!

I really need to get better at social media

So I was so involved in my internship i forgot to blog all about it *puts a pin in it* i really need to get to that. Its actually been so long i forgot my wordpress password :”) what a fail. Anywho, my samples for my mini preview collection are almost done YAY!!! 

This new layout is really confusing me, why do websites always challenge me with their new technology -___- I’m trying to upload a video… i don’t even think that’s possible here. oh well just attached to photos for some excitement.


Paneled Print skirt and Crop- T
Leather and Suede Skirt and Panelled top
Full pleather vest and Suede panelled skirt


All above images are owned by Valerie Amani and Kahvarah Pty (Ltd). Photos taken by Yolisa Payi The use or replica of them without reference to the designer & Photographer can result in legal action. Thanks 🙂